Use app/browser: How to "Open" if not open, when the ending part of the url changes

Hey all,

I’m working on an application where I need to search loads on the same page.

The issue is that “Open if not open” doesn’t seem to work, because the url changes after the word “loads” everytime I search a new load.


Is there a wildcard way around this?

When you want to load page on existing page then use "navigate to " or “go to ul” activity.

Not sure how that works exactly, I’m using the REframework, and using the app/browser scope is within the process. So it uses it everytime.

@David_Hernandez did you open application already and you want to navigate in another page ? Right

Yes, the application is opened and I navigate to a new page each time. And then the page closes and I have to re-use the home page.

So it’s
Get new transaction item → homepage → navigate to new page → do x → close new page → get new transaction item → homepage → navigate to new page… etc

Hi @David_Hernandez,
I need to understand something in your scenario this page appear when you click on another URL in your Home page if this right all you need is to replace the changed values with * it will work with you please check this and update us if you still face issue.

if this page open only when click a url from Home page my recommendation is to change Open proprieties to be NAppOpenMode.Never.

Ok got it…open application till home in init all application and then all your remaining work will be in process state where you will use navigate to / go to url activity to navigate in next page. After performing all action you will come in home for next transaction.

Hi @David_Hernandez

In the website where ever your URL is changing Give a wildcard " * " around that portion. If you need further assistance in wildcards placing provide the URL and the portion of URL changing frequently. I will get you the answer.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @David_Hernandez

Try changing the window attach mode from application instance to single window.



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