Need to load URLs repeatedly within the same Browser

I have a requirement in which I navigate to a specific URL and do a login and then I read a spreadsheet that contains list of URLs and need to navigate to each of those URLs within the same browser window. When I do this within “For Each Row” activity the Title keeps changing based on the URL that it is currently at, so next iteration couldn’t find that Browser window. I’m using Type Into activity to navigate to URLs since the “Navigate To” activity is not working even though I’ve stored the Open Browser in a variable. Please suggest why it is stopping after the 1st row and when trying to navigate to 2nd row it just says unable to find element

I guess Robot is using Attach Browser based on selector that possibly contains Title of Previous Page, at reload or navigate to other site, it changes the selector. Make Sure you have a selector that adjust to all changes using wildcards like “title = ‘*’”

Thanks for your prompt response.
Yes I did that and is it better to do a * wild card or can I uncheck the title from the editor so it omits it. Also is there anyway to uniquely identify the handle of each Tab that is open. Because per the requirement after it navigates to the URL is clicks some buttons that opens additional tab and I want this tab to be closed and the focus should return to the first tab and then in that tab it should navigate to the next URL that is on the spreadsheet.