How to Pass Wild card to URL in application activity


When using the “Use Application/Browser” activity, I need to pass a dynamic value inside the URL.

For example:

In the above example, the key value (i.e.) UI8976 will be dynamic. I would like to pass the wildcard over there. But providing asterisk (*) is not working.

Requesting to help me with the way to provide the dynamic URL here.

Thank you.

Can you explain a bit more of what you are trying to achieve? Do you want the bot to open a dynamic URL? Or is it part of a selector?

Hi @shahidh.aqeel.shahul

URLVariable = "*"
URLVariable = ""

You can try:

  • Use Application/Browser
    URL: String.Format("{0}&app=true",YourStringVar)
    Also reconfigure the open/Close Mode and the Selector

  • Open a blank browser and use dynamic approach from abov within a go to URL activity

Let me explain in detail.

On clicking a certain link, it would navigate to another page. The new page would be having the URL as I mentioned in the query. The challenge here is the key value (UI8976) need not be same all the time.

Here, am creating a screen in object repository for this page. So, after indicating the screen, I need to change the URL in a way that whatever the key value is, the BOT should identify the screen.

Hope I made the statement clear here.

Thank you.


The challenge here is, I don’t have the key value to be stored in any variable. On clicking certain link, the page will generate and each time it would be having different key value.

Here we can refer to the href attribute from the link in advance and can dynamize it

Thank you. This resolved the problem.

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