Unattended Robot interaction with different virtual desktops

We are exploring possibility of deploying an unattended BOT on a physical server which has several virtual desktops configured.

  1. Can I install unattended robot license on physical server?

  2. If yes, can i use that unattended robot license installed on physical server to work on different virtual desktops? If yes, will there be any impact on the process if the RDP session is minimized?

  3. Also, is there any possibility of using unattended bot as a floating license across several machines?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, if by this you mean the Robot installed on the machine to perform some actions on RDP using image automation(citrix). Yes, some errors may occur(ex. Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions). You have to setup some things to avoid this: Usual Orchestrator errors (FAQ) - Troubleshooting
  3. If you have the license in Orchestrator, provision a Robot(with MachineName1), run something on that Robot, delete it, then provision another Robot(MachineName2) – yes, you can do that. But if you license it locally, you cannot move the license to another machine.
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