URGENT! Download file with different date - always download the latest file


We are trying to download a document of an order from website, please find attached screenshot, one order will have more than 1 files, the file name will always have “Appraisal_Request”, but the date and time of the file will be different, we will need to always find that latest file and click to download.

Right now I’m in a initial research phase, this process is due for production on next weekend, I can’t afford any mistakes or “fail to complete before deadline”.


Please help!


try to see if the data belongs to a table then use data scraping on it. after you do that, get the date from the first string that probably is something like “Appraisal_Request dd/mm/yyyy” and store it in a date variable, let’s call it theDate.(you could use regex to get theDate)

next, using a for each row on the table you just extracted, compare the date with every other date from the datatable, and if that date is bigger than theDate, assign that value to theDate.
finally, create a selector that suits your needs using theDate.

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