Extracting Data and downloading


I have a situation where i have to download file from a webapp and the doc. are going to open in a new tab and then have to click on print to save in pdf format.
I had achieved the part where there is one records but when there is more than on record i am unable to do that.

P.S on saving in pdf i have to name the file as ABC but if i have multiple files i have to rename it as “ABC,” “ABC 1” and so on … i mean filename is dynamics

need help, attaching the image of html too

Hey @indrajit.shah,

A quick suggestion while renaming the file use timestamp.To achieve this you can do something like this.


everytime it will give you a different file name with the different timestamp and i hope this should resolve your concern.

Thank you, but naming the file is my last concern, btw i can’t rename it like that way, i have to process like 11K data and name has to be in same as i mentioned.

My Priority is about file downloading, as there will be more than one file and i have to download those and save it.
I had dealt only if there is one file by click activities but i don’t know about if there is multiple files

Here is how you can implement this:

-Do a Data scraping on the html table.
-Iterate till the row count and pass the click activity.
-Inside the click activity use the aaname with the value retrieved from the respective column from the scraped datatable.

Can you help me with an example ??

Hey @indrajit.shah,

Please find the screenshot below for your reference:

-Scraped_DT is the datatable scraped using uipath datascraping wizard.
-row(“Columnnamecontinainghyperlink”) should be the name of the column conatining the path of the file to be downloaded
-You might need to play a little with the selector inside click activity but name of the column conatining the path of the file to be downloaded should be the identifier in the selector so that uipath can identify the selector appropriately.

Scrape the entire data table .
check the selector of starting row and use foreach in datatable
Under foreach check element and click on each item