How to download files from portal for specific date

Dear all,
I have a list of dates in Jul 12, 2023 format and I want to download the files that exists in list dates. how can I do that? which loop will be used there?? How can i click on that dates which are available in list variable.

Portal dates screen shot, while click on Print ready format the file will be download.

dates that are in a list of string variable.

Hi @connect360

Use For each row in data table in that take assign activity give this
Date=CurrentRow(“YourColumn”).ToString and take if activity give condition as Date.equals(“Jul 12, 2023”) in then block use click activity in selectors pass that date variable.


  1. Create a list of dates in the format Jul 12, 2023.
  2. Use a For Each loop to iterate through the list of dates.
  3. In the For Each loop, use the Click activity to click on the Print Ready Format button for the current date.
  4. Perform your actions

Hi @connect360

=> Store all the list of dates in a list of String Variable lets call it as ListDates. Output - ListDate
=> Use extract datatable activity to extract the webpage datatable as datatable. Output - ExtractedDatatable (Datatable Datatype).
=> Use for each activity to iterate the ListDates variable, which iterates the list of dates in the list.
=> Inside for each activity Insert the for each row in datatable activity to iterate the ExtractedDatatable.
=> Inside for each row in datatable activity Insert the If condition and write the below condition.

CurrentItem.equals(CurrentRow("Column name"))

=> In then block place an assign activity and create a String variable called StrDate.

 - Assign -> StrDate = CurrentRow("Column name").toString

=> After assign activity place an click activity and indicate one print ready format element in the webpage. When indicating the element check the Strict selector and uncheck the Fuzzy selector and image.
=> Open the properties of click activity and open the strict selectors in that open the Ui explorer.
=> In Ui explorer window select the attribute which contains the date data. Pass the variable in that attribute and validate.

<webctrl aaname='Documentation' parentid='ember6' tag='A' />

Pass the variable in aaname like below

<webctrl aaname='StrDate' parentid='ember6' tag='A' />

Hope it helps!!

Hi @connect360 - You can loop through the list variable, get each date, use click activity to click on the each date. Click activity should contain aaname or inner text attribute with in its selector

Ex: aaname = 'Jul 14 2023'

Instead of the static value (Jul 14 2023) for the above attribute, save the same value in a variable, and pass to the attribute. This way every time the click happens on the respective date

Ex: aaname = 'variablename'

Link for how to pass variables to a selector -

Which column name will be used in below???

CurrentItem.equals(CurrentRow(“Column name”))

  • Assign → StrDate = CurrentRow(“Column name”).toString

No date data is showing. I just clicked on print ready format and unchecked the fuzzy selector and image.


Click on Open in Ui Explorer then one window will open send the screenshot of that window @connect360

Screen shot.

Okay In the right side there is selected item, in that check the innertext attribute.
In that attribute remove the date carefully and pass the StrDate Variable.

href = '14-07-2023.pdf'
href = 'StrDate.pdf'

Try the above one.

Can we pass that variable direct to the URL. Because after clicking on print ready format new window will open to down load the file. Can we pass the variable in there??

You mean href tag because it throws an error.

and what should be the column name there in below both??

CurrentItem.equals(CurrentRow(“Column name”))

  • Assign → StrDate = CurrentRow(“Column name”).toString

You have removed all thing in href attribute.
Do like this

href = '14-07-2023.pdf'
href = 'StrDate.pdf'

Got it

It clicks on the first date only and after that throws the below error.


Also strdate.pdf variable is not working.

Okay after assigning the StrDate variable it was in the Jul 14,2023 format.
we have to change the above format to 14-07-2023.
After first assign activity place one more assign activity and create a datetime datatype variable let call it as DateTime

- Assign -> DateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(input,"MMM dd, yyyy",System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")

You are passing the StrDate variable to attribute right.
Delete the click activity once and take click activity and indicate the element in the webpage.
Check the strict selectors and uncheck the fuzzy selector and image.
Open the Ui explorer place the DateTime variable in the href attribute.

href = 'DateTime.pdf'

Hope you understand!!

It throw an error.

It was wrong from myside. Change the DateTime variable to String and then try. @connect360

The selector is not working.


Okay do one more thing after assign activity of DateTime variable.
After that assign activity take another assign activity and give like below

- Assign -> DateTime = DateTime+".pdf"

Pass the whole variable in the href attribute.

Note - Sometimes validation shows red but it works.

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