Upload files to TFS server in 2018.2 version

Hi All,

I need to upload my workflow to TFS server in 2018.2 version please can anyone knows the steps share me… Ita urgent please help me

Hi @Kiran_Bg

Check this

click on tfs in UiPath Studio and select the files and then get it be done in TFS

Ashwin S

here you go
the steps to upload a file to TFS

Cheers @Kiran_Bg

Hi @Palaniyappan in version of uipath studio there is no menu like team … Can you guide me if there are other steps

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we can get thram from START option and in that we can see that TEAM option here
image .

Cheers @Kiran_Bg

Hi @Palaniyappan . in 2018.2.2 version team menu itself is not there… There are only few menu thats it

can i have a screenshot of your start option if possible
Cheers @Kiran_Bg


You are using older version of uipath studio. I guess Source control system is not there in that version.

If possible install latest version of uipath studio 2019.4.4 and you will find source control system like GIT, TFS and SVN.