How to share (redistribute) a workflow

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I have found articles and past forums on this, but none of them seem to be up to date on the current version of UI Path. I just want to know how to send a workflow to someone so that they can run it on their laptop. I am currently using the community version, if that helps.

I have opened workflows created by other UI Path users, so I know this is possible!

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sure we can send either as nupkg file or as a project folder ziped together
Cheers @David_Phillips

Just by zipping the parent folder , you can distribute to any other, But make sure the project.json file is also included in that while sending the file @David_Phillips

That is
–if we have published the project that we have developed, that published nupkg folder will be there in our programdata\uipath\nupkg folder
–we can send that to the other person who can extract that file and make use of the xaml in it
we can send the whole project folder in a zipped folder and other person can extract and use the xaml files
to be even more better we can use TFS or GIT kind of source controls with which we can upload the file to repository so that the other person can also use and great advantage of this is one can use the updated version of a package i.e., changes made by one person can be seen and used by another person connected to source control
for more info on this kindly have a view on this

hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @David_Phillips

Thank you everyone!

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