Version controls in Uipath

Hi Every one,
My client uses older version of Uipath where we don’t have version controls. Is there any other way to implement version control mechanism in Uipath without having them in the studio.
@vickydas any idea about this??

Thank you.


I think it’s not possible if we don’t have version control in UIpath.

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Hey @sridhar1516

UiPath Orchestrator do have package versioning - in Orchestrator each published version of the project is stored and you can switch deployed versions per environment.

The Publish button from Studio up to Orchestrator handles version control for you each time you upload the file. This can be found in the Process panel in the Orchestrator

Apart from this you can use TFS or SVN for source code control. which will aloows you to do things like code changes and comparisons.

Hope This will help you.


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HI @sridhar1516

If you are using git hub, I think you can use the Git Desktop to push, pull & commit the changes separately from the studio…

I guess you should give it a try…

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Sure @Lahiru.Fernando

Thank you every one for the response.
my client asked me question.

  1. Can I implement TFS in the older version of Uipath??
  2. If yes, How?? If No, Why??

My client uses initial version of Uipath.
Can any one give me brief answer for this. I tried to find in the Internet but couldn’t get a proper answer?
Your answer is much appreciated. Thank you all.


Yes, we have Version Controls in UiPath like GIT, TFS, SVN I have used Git version controls through UiPath, But we have TFS and SVN also.

Please check this for TFS:

Please check this link for Version Control in UiPath: About Version Control


@Arunachalam Thanks for the response.
You might be using the latest version of Uipath.

We use 2018.1.4 version of Studio. I think this version don’t have Team page where we can access GIT, TFS, SVN.

In this case, how these version controls are used.

Thank you


It’s a great question! we don’t have Git, TFS, and SVN in 2018.1.4 version because this version controls are included in a later version of UiPath. if you want to use you need to update your Studio.
Hope you know about version control meaning, like in the version of UiPath 2018.1.4 has a feature request of this version control, later version they included so need to get the later version.

Hope you got my point.


@Arunachalam Even I felt the same. That’s a great question when my client asked me. But you know we can’t answer client in the same way. I tried my best to convince but of no use. So i’m trying if there is any possible solution that I’m not aware of.



If you are using Enterprise Edition of UIPath with License then why can’t you update it to latest version. Many new features are added into newer versions.

Is there any particular reason to did not update it to newer version ?

As I said in earlier post, Its not possible if we don’t have version control feature in our UIPath. So, I am suggesting you to update it to newer version and enjoy with new features.

Yes it is a Enterprise Edition of UIPath with License. But updating is not in my hand. I can just Suggest and it’s client wish whether to update or not. All the projects are developed in older version. Their concern is updating version might disturb the code.

Thank you.


While update the uipath later version, your code will not disturb, just change the dependency of .JSON file for activity in your working file. it’s will solve the problem.


Thanks buddy


Yes I can understand your situation and some days back am also in same situation like yours whether to update it or not. So, I discussed with my manager and updated it to newer version to work with new features. I updated some new packages only and did not change any code.

Go to this link and compare your older version with newer version to which you want to update: UiPath Release Notes

Based on that, discuss with your client about new changes and take next step.


this link will help you lot about dependency problem while upgrade your UiPath.

Is there any problem or doubts you are facing?


@lakshman @Arunachalam Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate for your time and quick responses.

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@sridhar1516 you are welcome buddy :grinning: . Please make as a solution, so that next folk can get info.

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