Does UiPath have Version history or support for versioning?

I have done some time work with UiPath studio. Is there some kind of versioning in UiPath, example in Orchestrator or any way to do versioning of your processes with UiPath?
Thank you for your answers!

There’s also package versioning in Orchestrator - each published version of the project is stored and you can switch deployed versions per environment.
There’s no comparison between them, outside of version number and publishing date, but while not being an actual source control, it still helps a lot to publish a new version, update test environment, test, then update prod. All without leaving the Orchestrator for what version is run where.

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You can use TFS or SVN for Source Code Control, which will give things like code changes and comparasions. Visual Studio Online works fine for TFS.

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Hi David,

I tried to connect my project to TFS using UiPath studio and the project is being added to the root folder. Would you happen to know how to connect to the project-specific folder (our TFS has an existing hierarchy).

Any help would be appreciated.


Is there any way where we can leverage SVN/TFS to compare two xaml files and have the changes highlighted?

Similar to how code comparison happens in java classes through SVN.

Yes, it works the same for changes in xaml as it does for other things.
Sample from TFS:

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As andrzej.kniola pointed out, it is possible to view the changes in the XAML file by text, but you can’t see it graphically.

This makes it difficult to see very large changes and makes it all that more important to commit often and to make use of good descriptive comments when making a commit.

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Thank you.

Hi Priya,

Did you receive any response from your question? We are also having some issues with an existing hierarchy in our on-prem TFS, it seems like you cannot connect to TFS without first having to open an existing project locally.

I’m using bitbucket (git), it’s familiar and works.

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One small tip! If you are new to Git and all the commands or bitbucket. Download sourcetree (bitbuckets app).
Makes things easier.