Upload files in the subfolder of the sharepoint

I want to create a today date folder inside the input folder of the Parent folder in the SharePoint using Microsoft 365 activities.
i also want to upload the excel file inside the today date folder.

Could you please help with the workflow.

Folder structure should be - Parent Folder Name->Input Folder->Today Date Folder->test.xlsx

Could you please guide me with the workflow how to proceed.

Thank you

Hi @farheenfatma61

Please refer a screenshot below.

Give a try like above method!


I want to create folder in sub folder of the SharePoint with the help of Office 365 activities.

I don’t want to create a folder in any local drive or shared drive .

Could you please help with that

Hi @farheenfatma61
there are some things to consider (if this has not already happened)

Here is some help about Office 365 and MS Graph

or from MS directly

In addition, I can tell you that old SharePoint pages can not be addressed so easily. (Old SharePoint pages means that SharePoint has not existed for a long time … think 2013)
Since the side structure is different

Hi @farheenfatma61

Please install the package SharePoint activities from manage packages!