Moving Each row from a datatable to orchestrator as each queue item


I am having a datatable, I have serialized my datatable to json.

Using for eachloop when i try to iterate through my datatable and pass each row of my table to queue, 3 queues are getting created but all the 3 queues has all the rows of my datatable. How can i solve this problem?


may i know why we serialized a already available datatable

I want to use it as json, so when I fetch from Queue using deseralize I can get each queue as separate datarow.

I want to add entire row as single variable in to the queue item, for that I have done serialize.

yes you can convert the data table in to below json array format


and send to orchestrator queue.

using de serialization jsonArray activity
you can get complete string in a jObjectArray
using for each loop of jObjectArray you can get item in jObject format and use in you project

try…lets know any dificulties