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I am downloading files from mail on daily basis. Then saving these files in a particular directory. Then i need to upload this downloaded and saved file to one webpage on daily basis. Can Someone let me know how can I upload these saved files on daily basis on that webpage?
Thanks in advance


Need small info to answer this question. Manually how you are uploading into webpage ?

Hi!! @lakshman1 1|496x211](upload://5Pa9FtTzVnMaCZ9TZI2IFuwXgvZ.png)

Hi @lakshman, Pls find attached images above, image shows the + button(upload button) on which I need and then a pop up of Choose file will appear as shown in image 2 and then I need to choose the file saved from the directory in my machine


  1. Read all files using directory.GetFiles() and use for each activity for uploading one by one.
  2. Use click activity for click on upload button.
  3. Use Element exists on choose file icon. Once this appears, inside if condition, click on choose file icon else give it one retry for the same.
  4. Windows pop up will appears for uploading a file. Use type into activity for entering file( retrieved from directory.GetFiles ) into the path and hit enter command.

Let me know incase of any queries.

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