I have to download the attachment of mail and specific files are upload to the website but i am dowanload attachment but i tries to upload the all file of folder did not work only one file are uploaded in this location


Dors the site support multiple uploads at once?

Or do you need to upload each…please check the same


Hi @Deepika_Dhande

After saving the attachments, use a “Directory.GetFiles” method to get a list of all files within the desired folder.

  • Provide the path to the folder containing the files.
  • Store the output in a variable named filePaths of type String[] (array of strings). Use a “For Each” activity to iterate over each file path in filePaths.
    Within the “For Each” loop, use the appropriate activity to upload the file to the website.
  • The specific activity will depend on the website and the method it supports for file uploads.
  • Configure the activity to upload the file specified by item, where item represents the current file path being processed.