Upgrade Robot and Studio to 23.10.2

I am upgrading studio and robot from 22.10.7 to 23.10.2.
In the Deprecation timeline page,
(Overview - Deprecation timeline), its written “32-bit version of the Studio installer (UiPathStudio-x86.msi)” is removed in 2023.4 version.

1)I want to know the impact of this removal.
2)How do I get to know if I had used 32 bit version of installer?
3) What steps should I take in case -
a) I have used 32 bit installer
b)I have not used 32 bit installer

Hello @garimavarshney9

  1. Impact of Removal:
  • The 32-bit version of UiPath Studio installer will be removed starting from version 2023.4.
  1. Check Installation Version:
  • Go to “Help” > “About” in UiPath Studio to check if you are using the 32-bit or 64-bit version.
  1. Steps to Take:
    a) If Using 32-bit Installer:
  • Uninstall 32-bit Studio.
  • Download and install the latest 64-bit version.
    b) If Using 64-bit Installer:
  • No specific action required.

Thanks & Cheers!!!


If I remember correctly, 64bit installer started to be delivered with the 64 bit version of Studio.
Actually, we could upgrade 20.10 to higher version which installer is 64 bit with no issue, if OS is 64bit.

So, i think, there may be no big problem using 64bit installer, if you use 64bit OS