UiPath Studio for 32 bit OS


I could see only 64 bit UiPath Community version available for download, can you please give the link for 32 bit version


Hello @Rohit_More ,

for the community edition, there is no more 32 bit version, as per the following article:
UiPath Studio 64-bit Community Installer - News - UiPath Community Forum

Even if you we install an older version of the UiPath Community edition 32 bits, seems that you will not get any updates anymore.

I hope it helps.


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If I install older version, will there be any impact/issue like orchestrator will not connect etc?

Hmm the impact I believe is for those who are still on 32-bit machines and using the Community EXE installer, Studio will continue to work but will no longer receive incremental updates.
@Pablito pls help us in clarifying this


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As guys said. It will work but there will be no updates anymore for the 32bit versions. Pls, remember that Studio != Robot. The Robot is the one that is connecting with the Orchestrator :slight_smile:

Thanks, Robot is connecting but UiPath Assistant is not lauching, even if I started “Run As Administrator” is not launching, it’s not throwing any error as well…

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