Downgrade Studio 23.4 to 22.10 (Enterprise)

Hi there,

I am not very happy with Studio 23.4 because of some bugs like not shown propertys on activities, hidden sequences, etc.

Therefore I want to downgrade my studio back to 22.10. Is there a possibility to do so without uninstalling current version.

Setup says not possbile because of already installed newer version. Perhaps somebody has a good hint?


Hi @Speziman,

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Yes, we can’t downgrade the version of UiPath once we have moved to the latest but I can do a favor for you, use the below link for UiPath Studio 22.10 version.

Link - UiPathStudioSetup.exe - Google Drive

Also, I would advise you to post Bug/Feedback in community, it would be helpful for them to fix it up.

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

Hello @Speziman

  1. Backup: Backup your projects.
  2. Uninstall Newer Version: Uninstall the current version, which includes dependencies.
  3. Download Older Version: Get the installer for the older version (e.g., 22.10).
  4. Install Older Version: Install the older version; it should work without conflicts.
  5. Reinstall Dependencies: Open projects and reinstall missing dependencies.
  6. Test and Adjust: Test projects and make adjustments for compatibility.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

So it is like I thought and feared. Not so fine, but will handle it.

The bugs are already posted in the com, so hopefully they will be fixed soon.


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