Upgrade Robot from 19.10 to 22.12

I’m trying to update our Robot from 19.10 to 22.12. I’m getting a failure message when upgrading but I believe the issue is linked to the system being unable to remove Studio 19.10 from the PC as it cannot find the old version of UIpathStudio.msi to process. I can’t see the earlier version of UPathStudio.msi to download from cloud.uipath.com.

Is there a way to manually remove the old version of Studio, or another way I can request the old version of Studio?

This link may help…!

Which is the UiPath Studio exact version and build?
Can you uninstall it from Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features?
In regedit you will find the uninstall string for it (for example MsiExec.exe /X{C228F21D-37F6-4AB5-8B6A-CE01D4893347}) and then you can execute that command in a cmd.exe console.

It’s just the Robot I’m trying to remove so it’s Version. 19.10.1. I can’t uninstall it from Programs and Features as it asks for access to 19.10.1 UIpathStudio.msi which I don’t have, all I’ve got is version 19.10.9. I get the same message is I try MsiExec.

Try to download this installer https://download.uipath.com/versions/19.10.1/UiPathStudio.msi and put it in the same place from which you installed it the last time and then retry the uninstall process.

It is working?

Thank you, that worked!

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