Upgrade orchestrator 2019.4.4 to 2019.10.x

I am planning to upgrade from 2019.4.4 to 2019.10.1 LTS release.

  • Should I upgrade to 2019.10.5 (Orchestrator 2019.10.18) directly ?
  • With the introduction of Folder in 2019.10.x , What happens to my existing tenants/processes/bots/queue will they go to Default folder ?

Thanks for the feed back.

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Hi @vikram.vaidya,
You posting this in wrong category. UserVoice category is for posting feedbacks, bugs, feature request and any stuff we could track and use as a potential feature or fix for our products. I will move your post to correct category.

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hi @vikram.vaidya
please refer below

@Maneesha_de_silva - I did check this. My question is when I upgrade from 2019.4 to 2019.10 where does my existing automation go as 2019.4 did not have that.

Are we saying post upgrade the Default folder will get all of my processes,queue, assets ? Once upgrade I can move all of my pieces to folders for further sub-classifications as what I have done in dev environment below? (Please know this was directly installed 2019.10 and my prod/qa were recently upgraded from 2018 → 2019.4.4)

Thanks in advance.