Migrating Orchestrator from on-premises to cloud from version 2019.4 to the newest version

As our company is currently running our Orchestrator on premise in version 2019.4 and wanted to upgrade it to the newest version while migrating it to cloud. I am currently helping the company to analyze the concerns of migrating and upgrading.

In my understanding, folders are not introduced in 2019.4 version. So what will the existing process and robot in the old version be when I upgrade the version?

Any other things I need to look out for?

I am very new to Uipath. If there are any mistakes in my question, please correct me. Many thanks!

you trying to migrate robots to new version of orchestrator?

Hi @Veera_Raj .

Thank you for you reply.

Yes, there are currently one unattended robot and one attended robot running on production on the orchestrator on premise running multiple process on schedule. So we now want to migrate the orchestrator to cloud while updating its version to the newest version from 2019.4.

So updating and migrating the orchestrator means that we migrate robots to new version of orchestrator right?

Hi @Man_Chun_Hei_Ken_CPFD_ITS,

I suggest you pay attention to processes that are 3rd party activities. These activities may not work in the new version.

In any case, ask the system team to take a backup of the servers before the upgrade.


Hi @muhammedyuzuak.

Thank you very much for your reminder.

However, I am not sure about the term “3rd party activities”. What exactly do you mean by that. Can you elaborate more on it.

Much thanks.

HI actually i have done same thing but there only limited robot was there so simple had a backup of old code and after updated orchestrator i republished again manually ,

may be try in that way

When you switch to cloud, you will actually switch to one of the most up-to-date versions. In parallel with this, you will need to update your robots and studios.

Your projects may include activities developed by non-Uipath venders. These activities may not be compatible with future releases. These are all possibilities, so it needs to be reviewed. Uipath is updating its own activities but other venders may not. @Man_Chun_Hei_Ken_CPFD_ITS

Thank you all for your reply! It is really helpful for me.

However, I still have one more question. As I have heard that folder is introduced in the version 2019.10.x and my current version on prem is 2019.4. So where will the existing process go when I upgrade and migrate the orchestrator to cloud? Will the processes all be inside the default folder?