Orchestrator upgrade from 2020.10.x to 2023.4.x

We are currently using Orchestrator version 2020.10.10, is it good idea to upgrade to 2023.4.3 now? Anyone has any suggestions?

If you still have classic folders, it is not a good idea, as the classic folders execution will be disabled automatically, but this is not guaranteeing that you will not have any issues.

Reference: https://docs.uipath.com/overview/other/latest/overview/classic-folders-removal

If you still have classic folder, you need to update to 2022.10.x, use the Moden Migration wizard and then update to 2023.4.x.

If you are having only Modern Folders, you can upgrade from 2020.10.x to 2023.4.x.

Reference: https://docs.uipath.com/overview/other/latest/overview/orchestrator-upgrade-paths

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That was really helpful. I will look into it in detail. Does UiPath provide direct assistance in the migration?

Forst you need to read and implement the instructions from here https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/migrating-from-classic-folders-to-modern-folders

If during the migration you faced some issues, feel free to raise cases with UiPath Support.

Keep in mind that we can help with only one issue/error per case.

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Yes I went through this. Since we don’t have anyone who has experience with classic to modern migration, just wanted to go through all options and perspectives.

Thank you!

@marian.platonov I am not able to find the classic to modern migration wizard in the Orchestrator, I believe it was introduced in a later version. will that be available once we move to 2022.10.x?

Thank You!

That feature will be present in Orchestrator 2022.10.+ if you have at least one Classic folder in your Orchestrator.


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Thank You for confirming!

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