Orchestrator Upgrade

When upgrading the Orchestrator to a newer version are all the settings such as Assets, Licences, Queues, etc lost ?, is there are way to backup and restore the Orchestrator Assets, Queues, etc?

Many Thanks

You can read about this here:

But if you never did this before, i would advise you to open a ticket with support so you will do it the best way possible.

Many thanks for the reply, we are planning to upgrade from 19.4.4 to 2019.10.3. The Orchestrator is Azure based and we installed it via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. My main concern is we need to retain the Orchestrator Queues, Assets, etc, we do not want to perform a clean install, how can we insure this?

An in place upgrade would sure to keep it all, but still i wouldnt do it without support…