Update version rights?

Who has the update of version (code) rights in a team? production team has right to update a code?



That is a role or access that you can give to anyone in the team…

Generally on production it would be given to production support team…


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Any developer who has the view, edit permission in orchestrator for managing the package, they will be able to upgrade the version of the code

have a view on this for more details on roles and permission

usually the developer and support team, both will be having the access to do it

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In a software development team, the rights to update the code depend on the specific roles and responsibilities assigned to each team member. Typically, the production team, which is responsible for deploying and maintaining the software in a live environment, would not have direct access to update the code.

Instead, the development team would be responsible for writing and updating the code, and then passing it on to the production team for deployment. However, even within the development team, there may be different levels of access and permission to update the code, depending on the specific roles and responsibilities of each team member.

It’s important to establish clear roles and responsibilities within the team and have a well-defined process for managing code updates to ensure that the code remains stable and secure. This can include using version control systems, code review processes, and testing procedures to ensure that any updates are thoroughly tested and approved before being deployed to the live environment.

Depends on the behaviour of the code. The support team will help you in this regard as there are many members to help and update the code. Also, the roles and responsibilities assigned to different members of the support team. Like they have created a team for different purposes and provided the roles for updating and informing about their queries.