Creating roles according to requirement in orchestrator

Hi ,
we have a COE in our organisation for RPA , and a group of developers across geographies . now
scenario 1.when ever a new process is developed it will be uploaded by COE in orch. , ie COE will only have access to upload the package in orch. -> this is ok now.
2.when ever there is an issue in a prod package . we want the developer to upload the package himself/self and need not come to COE for uploading. ----> currently this feature is not there
what sort of role we can create in orchestrator for this ?

say eg : while development on there are ten versions (1.01 — 1.10) all these 10 , one by one will go via COE. but once 1.10 iscompleted.
in future if an issue comes only then a new version is needed ,then it is fixed by some developer.
now comes 1.11 … now this need not go via our COE team . he/she can directly upload .
what kind of role in orch will be a solution for this ?

if above scenario is not possible , then i can say a work around but still i do not know how to implement in orchestrator
work around : we can keep ONE reference version for every package like (151161). if any package is completing the development then RPA COE will upload this version while closing the production deployment. any version above this can be uploaded by any one .
ie , while uploading "a check need to be performed " whether in the past history reference version is there or not. using GIT this may be possible , but am looking for a solution inside uipath.