Can we run the code which was developed in 2017.1* in the production which is of 2018.1.* version


We developed our code in 2017.1.* version now we are going to deploy our code into production which is currently running in 2016.1.* version. Where when ever I am trying to open the code and publish it is asking me to update the uipath version which is in production to latest i.e 2018.4.. My question is, if I update my production uipath version to 2018 will my code(which was developed in 2017) run in 2018 and some other process are also running in the production under 2016.1. version. If I am going to upgrade the production version will it effect the other process.

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We’ve had good luck running code developed on older versions with the caveat that we frequently had to touch up any OCR-related activities after doing a version migration.