Update status row wise in excel

Hi Guys!

I am new to UIpath.

I have a scenario here,


1.Open google browser and search for different books (Which is in excel)
2.Verify the book obtained in the first search list is same as the one in the excel row.
3.Write the searched book row in results excel row by row after a particular row from data excel is entered in the application and also update the status as pass or fail(if the compare result between google search and data excel matches) in the results excel.

Can someone help me out with a sample XAML.


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Please refer below example which is available in UiPath knowledge base.

I encourage you to take up UiPath academy training to kick star RPA .(It’s free though :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for the reply,

I have completed my foundation training.

I tried using right range - but the entire range goes into the results excel.

I want to write the row that got executed to excel and and update pass or fail next to it.


  • Excel application scope(for your excel file)
    - take “for each row”
    +take a variable for ur book name using assign
    + Open Google browser
    +typeinto activity with bookvariable
    +do data scrapping now and attain first book name bookweb variable
    +If (bookvariable=bookweb)
    if yes
    (write cell (row(status).tostring=YES))
    if no
    (write cell(row(status).tostring=NO))
    +close application for web
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Thanks for the suggestion Sravya. I will try this out and update you.

Is there any sample XAML for fetching data from excel and updating the status?

Thanks for your suggestion.Its working cool now.

I have one small problem,When I write the status to my excel.

It always prints the values from line 10.

Kindly advice

@karthyk, Confirm your counter variable declaration once.

Dominic :slight_smile:


Hello @karthyk

it is clearly visible in image you are already using cell argument as like “A1”+counter.tostring so even if your count will be 0 then it will become A10.

so replace “A1”.counter.tostring to “A”+counter.tostring.


Hi Aksh,

Thanks for your suggestion,

but when i use “A”+counter.tostring, range not found error is displayed.


Yes initialize your counter with 1 not with 0 :slight_smile:

Thanks bro. Working cool now :slight_smile: