For every response from google sheet i want to add the response to the last row of an excel sheet


Im a newbie to uipath, i need to update an excel sheet after checking if the data dose not exists, and i want to add only the new response from a google sheet to a new row, but there is no way to write a entire row, my data consists of more than 30 columns, the range gets updated with every response.

steps i need to do:

  1. compare to excel sheets, row by row.
    2.if the row in the first cell isn’t present in the 2nd excel sheet, append the entire row from excel sheet 1 to excel sheet 2 in last line( only the row which doesn’t exist)

Hi @Sai_Prakash1 ,

Could you provide us with Sample Data to get a Visual on the data that you are working on ? And also provide us what would be the Expected Output after the Comparison as well. You could provide Screenshots as well.

Also, Take a Look at the below Activities :

Let us know more about the Data and the updation/condition you would want to apply.

please check the below screenshots
as you can see sheet 1 has one extra row that is not present in the sheet 2

the work flow has to loop through each row of sheet 1 and check if the same data is reflecting in any of the row of sheet 2, if its not present in any sheet then it has to append the non exista row in sheet 2 at last row.

@Sai_Prakash1 ,

Do you have to Compare all the column data from Sheet1 with all the column data of Sheet2 ?

If so, you could give a Try on the below Steps :

  1. Read the Excel Sheets 1 & 2 using Read Range Activity, and get the Output as datatables ,DT1 & DT2.

  2. Next, Merge both the Datatables (Considering the Column Name is also same) using Merge Datatables Activity where destination is set to DT1.

  3. Use Remove Duplicate Rows Activity on DT1.

  4. Now, DT1 should be the resultant data or the Updated data for Sheet2 that you would require.

Let us know if this method works for your case, If it doesn’t let us know the reason as to why it cannot work.

hey @supermanPunch , thanks for your help, i learnt a better way to do comparing of two excel sheets form youtube, there is a package specifically for this purpose ie…"uipathTeam.DatatablesComparison.Activities, this segregates the data into 3 datatables.
check this out.

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@Sai_Prakash1 ,

If you did find a Solution which works for your case, you could mark it as solution and close the Topic as it would help others on the similar issues they face.

Let us know if you are facing any more issues.

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