Update Datatable status in excel with successful/failure once processed

Hi Team,

I have an excel sheet with list of records where I need to login to web application and process each record and download few files. Once successful download then I need to update the status back in the excel with status as success.

As of now, I can able to read the data from excel and able to navigate to the web application and then processing each record.

Now I need to update the status back into my excel about success/fail of the download. Please suggest.

Thank you.

Ho @katakam26

Based on the condition use if conditions and use write cell as pass and else as fail



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I hope you are using For Each Row activity to iterate the data.

If yes then first read index of that row like below.

Int index = yourDT.Rows.IndexOf(row) + 2

At the end use Write Cell activity and write status either success or Fail based on processing of the record. And pass below things to Write cell activity.

If you are writing in E cell then range should be.

Range: “E”+index.Tostring
Value: “Success” or “Failed”


Hi @katakam26

For method to check download status.
You can use OCR Text Exists on download notification bar for check download status.
(or image exist on progress bar) and use if condition to put download result to variable
and then do follow suggestion from @lakshman to put download result to your excel file.

Main.xaml (12.4 KB)

I hope this information will be useful to you