Read Excel Row & update after action

Disclaimer: I am super new to UiPath so this may be a really basic question, but…
I want to Read an excel cell > take an action in a browser > update that Excel row and move on to the next one.

This seems so basic. I am able to do everything except update the excel file before it starts reading the next row. I truly don’t care if it writes done, colors the cell, or copies to a new sheet. I basically just need some indication that an action was taken for that row.

When I add a write cell or write range it writes to it all at once so it isn’t in the loop with each lookup. For example: I look up A2 but it writes done from A2 to A50. The goes back and looks up A3.

Is there any easy way I can do this w/o a crazy list of variables and conditions?

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Buddy @mmp
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  1. once you get the data of the table with for each row loop and then with activities within for each row loop that enters the data to web page you have, follow this buddy
    use write cell its correct actually but we must increment the range like from A1 TO A2 then A3 …so on with a counter value with default value as 2, as the first row will be a heading if not you can give default value as 1. try to mention like this buddy in write cell

Thats all buddy you are done…kindly revert for any queries

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THANK YOU!!! I was missing the assign piece! worked perfect!

Fantastic buddy , kindly close this topic with right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under you topic buddy

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Ok - Me again… with another basic question I’m sure. Everything is working perfect except I set my counter default to 2 like in the image you shared, but now only the 2nd row updates for each loop. How do I have each row update incrementally with each loop? I tried removing the 2 but I error out.

the counter and write cell is not inthe loop, thats why counter didn get incremented…so use in this structure

  1. Excel application scope
  2. Read range activity
  3. For each row loop activity
  4. Write cell activity
  5. Counter assign activity

Thats all you are almost done…
Great job
Cheers @mmp

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@Palaniyappan hey buddy. I’m also performing the similar task. but I encountser error in my assign activity. do u know which part I did wrong?

Yeah i think there is some issue in reading the xaml in my studio, send them altogethr as a zipped folder with proect.json as well @Popo

hey buddy. there u go

Fine the issue is due to variable that you have used here

kindly replace the word from row as counter, as the for each loop within which you are using this assign activity has the same variable name thats why, and moreover its always best practice to avoid using keywords as row , as it is a keyword in

Cheers @Popo

@Palaniyappan I see. no wonder it keeps having error. After I change it, the error cleared. but when I run the bot, it prompt the range does not exist.

in my excel file, there’s column D for the bot to key.

at which activity that error occurs buddy @Popo

sorry @Palaniyappan the error cleared after I indicate 2 in the VB expression of counter variable.

after I run the bot, the bot doesn’t seems to write into cell that I wanted. it is writing on row 2

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