Get List items by using Sharepoint

I want to get few records from share point for that i’m using get list items activity,but here the main issue is i’m using a CALM query here where i want to access only approved records.
But i’m getting all the records .the same calm query i used for my custom package then i’m getting only approved records .
Can anyone help me with this so that i can use share point activities package in uipath.
@radu_bucur can you please help me out .

Hey Kamesh,
If you could share the CAML query you’re trying to use, i could probably tell you if its anything wrong with it.
In the documentation there are a couple of examples of how to use CAML queries, so I suggest you have a look at that. Also, to generate CAML queries automatically you could try out a tool like: Microsoft Apps which is free in the microsoft store

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This is my CALM query which i used

"<View><Query> <Where> <Eq> <FieldRef Name='Status' /> <Value 
     Type='Accepted'>"+Approved+"</Value> </Eq> </Where> </Query></View>"

I Have another question along with this
when i’m using Upload file activity then i’m facing this error
“error:= Cannot invoke HTTP DAV request. There is a pending query.”
For this u suggested install package version 1.3.0 but if i do so i will not get the output variable as datatable which u updated in get list item activity.
so here my main motive is i want to upload file and my output should be in datatable only when i get list items .
Can u help me out with these questions ASAP so that it will be very helpful to me along with that query which i posted recently.

Thank you in advance…

Hi Kamesh, regarding the latest question, we will prepare a hotfix for it.

Some points for the query you built:

  • remove View tags
  • type=‘Accepted’ doesn’t look right to me, are you sure its not Text or some other type? (what type of field is status, do you know? If you tell me the field type, I’ll probably be able to check what type you should use)
  • Are you sure that ‘Status’ is the internal name of the field. The internal name must be used here, not the display name. If you quickly want to check the internal name, open the list settings, open the field settings and check the URL:

I suggest you download and check the documentation for this package, a lot of this info was already there. Open the component page and the docs can be found under the resources tab: SharePoint Custom Activities Package - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Thank You very much @radu_bucur The issue got resolved it is in accepted only i changed it i am getting the fields now which i want to.

Could you please suggest me for upload file ASAP

Hi @radu_bucur,

I have an another doubt that when i am using that above CAML query in place of accepted i wrote choice then it is working but in my share point where i have drop down values i am not getting those values in my uipath
what i am getting is dummy values i.e microsoft.client.values.lookuptables

so how can i get those values

Hi @radu_bucur,
Please can you give ETA for fix

@Diana_Mincu can we post the lastest version with the DAV bug fix here, please?

When i used version 1.5.3 i’m getting
Upload file: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request As an error
if i am using same link in open browser it is working fine
can you please help me out

can you show me the workflow/ screenshot of the site?

please try to use only the relative url for the file, not the entire thing.
Starting from the library name. Everything is explained in the documentation. I explained previously where to get it from

Hi Kamesh,

Could you also please test this version and let us know if you still receive the " Cannot invoke HTTP DAV request. There is a pending query." error?
UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities.1.5.3.nupkg (108.1 KB)
Thank you

Hi Diana and Radu
Thank you for the bug fixing on Cannot invoke HTTP DAV request.

But now I still have issue for CREATE a folder in sharepoint
for DELETE file/folder everything work perfectly.
Could you please advise what is the problem with my workflow?

Thank you for your support in advance.

Radu_bucur, I am using GetListItems Activity and passed CAML Query, But there are no records in result. But Activity is giving Index Out Of Bound error. Can you help me in this issue

Hi Kamesh, I am facing issue with GetListItems if the CAML query returning No Records I am getting Index Out of bounds error. Do you have any idea how to address that

can u share me the query which you wrote


After we update the Column values from “New” to “Approved” there will not be any rows with “New” At that time if we use “GetListItems” activity with above CAML Query I am getting Index out of Bounds error.


indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

   <Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='g2vf' /><Value Type='Text'>New</Value></Eq></Where></Query>
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