Update ServiceNow Record

I am using UiPath.ServiceNow.Activities and attempting to update records

As you can see from the Test query in the screenshot below, it executes and returns/updates the record as expected.

However, when I select ‘Done’ on the query, it returns the error shown in Studio -
Value for a required activity argument ‘Incident (incident).sys_id’ was not supplied

This is despite it being included in the Test Query

Can somebody please assist as to where I am going wrong.

Many tjhanks

Hi @gary.cobden ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath comminity.
Here are few things you need to check in order to get a solution on the problem you are facing.

  • Double-check that the ‘Incident (incident).sys_id’ argument is defined in the Properties panel for the activity.
  • Ensure that the value for the ‘Incident (incident).sys_id’ argument is being passed to the activity correctly. You can use a Write Line activity before the Update Record activity to check if the value is being passed correctly.
  • If the value is being passed correctly, try removing the argument from the activity properties and passing it as a variable instead. You can define a variable with the value of ‘Incident (incident).sys_id’ and pass that variable to the activity instead.
  • If the issue persists, please check the version of the UiPath.ServiceNow.Activities package that you are using. It is possible that there may be a bug in the version you are using, and upgrading to a newer version may resolve the issue.

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Hi @pratik.maskar

Thanks for your response.

There does not appear to be anywhere on the Properties panel to enter the Incident(incident).sys_id - please see screenshot - there are only four options - AdditionalFields; DisplayName; Private; and ServiceNowStatus

And I am using the most recent version of the package (1.3.5)

Any guidance appreciated


Hi @gary.cobden ,
So you can have this approach,
-Define a string variable to store the ‘Incident (incident).sys_id’ value.
-Pass the variable as a string argument to the Update Record activity.


Hi @pratik.maskar

Sorry, but I am really struggling here

I can get the the sysID to pass as a variable, but the Test Query still requires a value in the Sample Value field, and will not accept a variable here. Without a value here it returns Mandatory Field Missing.
It will not accept a variable in the Sample Value column


Please fill a value is both the value field and sample…

Add a sample value in sample field or retain what you already have

And also in the value field assign a variable and when running ideally the sys id would be taken from
The variable and not the sample

Then the error should be gone

Hope this helps



Check below documentation for your reference


Hope this may help you


Thanks @Anil_G

Your suggestion has helped me resolve the issue

If only some of the documentation was clearer!!!

Many thanks

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