Cannot select ConnectionId in ServiceNow Activity

Hello, I have created an Integration Service connection for ServiceNow and it tests “Successful”. I have installed the UiPath.ServiceNow package 5.0.0
Studio v.2022.10

I add the Update Record activity to my process. I select Manage Connections. The click takes me to my connections in Integration Services - 1 for ServiceNow.

How do I select the connection?

When I click any part of it, it takes me to the Trigger screen. I don’t want to add a trigger I want to push an update to ServiceNow.

Hi @GeggR ,
Have you checked


Thank you for responding, I watched this video, but it is old.
I am developing in Windows, not Windows-Legacy. I am using version 5.0 activities for ServiceNow. I have no ServiceNow Application Scope. I set up the connection in the Integrated Services region.
My issue is when I try to select the connection from the activity, I click on Manage Connections. It takes me to the connection in Integrated Services but I cannot find a way to select it to add it to the utility.

Hi @GeggR

To select the connection for the Update Record activity, try the following steps:

  1. After clicking “Manage Connections,” you’re taken to your connections in Integration Services.
  2. Instead of clicking directly on the connection, try clicking on the “Select” button or link associated with the connection you want to use.
  3. This should allow you to choose the desired connection without being redirected to the Trigger screen.

If clicking on the connection still takes you to the Trigger screen, you might want to double-check the UiPath documentation for any recent updates or changes related to the Integration Service connections and the Update Record activity.

If the issue persists, you could consider reaching out to UiPath support for further assistance.

Hope it helps!!


There has been a recent issue that the connections are not being displayed. On thing you can try is to create a new connection from you manage connection and use it…And anyways all the integrations service connections would be available for you to select when you create the process in orchestrator at that time you can select the required connection

Also it would be ideal to check if you added the connection in the same folder and also you have access to it


I could not find any Select link to choose on the connection that was created in the integration services area. I recreated the connection from the activity and that seemed to do it.

Thanks all!

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