Update data from website to excel file


I just learned UiPath and I have some challenge. I tried to create a robot to update information from excel (excel.xls) to website. After completed update the record, website will provide PIN code and I want to get this PIN code input into another excel file (pin.xls).
I used data scraping to get the PIN code but it only get one for first looping. For example: I have 03 records but it only get 01 PIN code (the latest) after completed update.

Please help me to fix this issue or any ideas to do this.

Thank you very much for your help

1)create one counter variable with type int
2)In the write cell pass “A”+counter.ToString
3)After write cell use assign activity and increment counter value ie counter =counter+1


Thanks for your quick response and really appreciate for your advise, but I got something unexpected as your suggestion.
I tried with 02 records and get 02 PIN code as file attachment. Please advise

@rocksu I think in write cell you are passing A2 remove 2 and just pass “A”+counter.ToString and in counter variable pass default value as 1


Yeah, you are right. I really really appreciate for your help, this problem has been solved :slight_smile:

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