How to extraxt data from a website to excel?

i have a excel sheet with asin number. i have to search for upc number in a website using that asin .if found copy the upc to excel sheet else search in one more other website . if still not found leave it blank. how to do this using ui path

for searching in website, you can try using record feature.
For excel ,you need excel package installed, and you can use the activities as required.

Hi @Tushar_Bajpai,

have you tried to use Data Scraping wizard to get the data from the website?


i am doing the similar project too. I am new to uipath, could anyone advise on the steps?
Many thanks.

1.Use excel application scope, inside this use read range to read the sheet contents to a table
2. Use for each row activity to loop through each row in dt , read cell and assign to a variable.
3. use recording feature or use consecutive click activities and type into activities to enter the number to search(use variable name of step 2)
4. If found - use element exists or find element or data scrapinf based on your requirement to find out of expected data is available on that site. Store output as boolean
5. If found, then write to new column in same dt or write to another dt
6. Else follow step 3 for opening and searching in other website and follow steps 4 and 5 in other website
7. After final execution, come out of loop, write the result dt to excel using write range

Explore each activity mentioned above to use their features. This is one way of doing it. We can implement in other ways as well.

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