Website is refreshed while entering data from excel file

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I just started learning UIPath and i get into such situation where i am entering data to a website after reading from an excel file and it is working fine too BUT while testing i came across one scenario where if a website is getting refreshed (may be by a user pressing accidentally f5 onto the UI) then bot is skipping some of the fields ( where data should be entered) which is not giving the correct output.

What can i do to make my bot more robust ?

  1. Can i try element exist before each type into activity , if yes will performance take a hit ?
  2. or is there any better way to deal this kind of scenario.

Also 1 more question

I have used get row item activity to get data and used the output from it to my type into activity to enter data to a website instead of tutorial method like customerdata.Rows.(rownumber)(“First name”).To String

Am i doing the right thing.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @tarun2307

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I guess if bot is running and you tried to interupt the bot ofcourse it will get unexpected error right.

1.Open Website
2.Use Excel Application Scope Activities
3.Use Read Range Activities
4.Use ForEachRow
5.Then input the value of excel in your website.

Note: you can set the property of your web application to run it on background.
You can use this link for your reference.Run into Background

Also here i attached a document for your reference to make a healtier robot.
UiPath Automation Best Practice Guide 05 25012018.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Thanks a lot Patty,
It made sense :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually here we have a clear all rows button which will clear all the rows which were entered by bot earlier , I am just thinking a case here like if (some or all) data is already present , then we don’t want bot to enter it again so how can we can make bot to wait till data is clear .
Please help

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