Update config file value in a process

Hi team ,

I have “date” key stored in Settings sheet of config file and after every run I need to update the “date” value in config excel file to today’s date.It is not stored in assets due to certain policies of the project.
Can you let me know how can I do it?

Once the project is published to Orchestrator - how can I do it ? which path should I give?



After publishing you cannot change it…or even if you try to change it wont tale effect…

Other approach that you can use is…instead of storing the config in package …store it in a shared drive and then you can modify or write the data back to it when needed…


Can we update the config by accessing the fullfilepath of the Config?


If its on shared path…and then in your framework if you change your config path to the shared file …you can acheive this…

And yes you can access and update config using full path as well.it is like anyother excel file