Unzip file with variable password

Dear all,

I tried to use BalaReva package to unzip a file with different password.

It’s fine when I use a correct password, but it doesn’t work when I try to use 10 wrong password with 1 correct password to unzip it.

I tried to use try catch method and flow decision but once I use a wrong password, the error exists and it stopped immediately.

error like below:

Source: Netonsoft_Json

Message: ISerializable type SharpCompress.Common.InvalidFormatException’does not have a valid constructor. To correctly implement ISerializable a constructor that takes SerializationInfo and StreamingContext parameters should be present. Path Érror’, line 1, position 1101.

Exception Type: JsonSerializationException

Or are there any possible ways to unzip my file by tying different password but have a correct one in it?

Many thanks.

You can save the 10 password as a Array of string.
And this Array you can put in a “For each” Activity.
The For each Activity inside has a Try Catch Activity.
The Try you can unzip file with the password, and if it is wrong. It will jump out with error message.
But For each will still try next password.
I didn’t test for this, but I think it will work.