UnZip Error - Cannot determine compressed stream type. Supported Archive Formats: Zip, GZip, Tar, Rar, 7Zip

Hi Team,

I was using BalaReva 2020.4.2 and used unzip activity from that package. In my Dev it was working fine and after i deploy I was getting this error.

My UiPath is in 2018.4.4 version studio,

I am trying to lower the version of BalaReva but i could not find the package in the nuget. Could any one help me to understand the issue or pls provide me BalaReva Activity package 2019.2.2

Why not use the Compress/Zip and Extract/Unzip activities in System 20.10? BTW, you didn’t post the error message.


make sure your file to unzip/ unrar is valid zip file.
try print you file to extract.
maybe the mistake start from select file to extract :smiley: