Unsure if Automation will work for me?

I have been taking the Citizen path developer courses since they are no code which is good for me. However I am not sure if this will work for what I want to achieve. On a weekly basis I have to download reports from ServiceNow into Excel document. Extract the data from the excel file depending upon the slide into powerpoint and send the slides via email on a weekly report. A couple of slides require a pivot table but feel those are fast to implement. I am getting confused on running an automation I get the general process but I am still lost and wondering if this is the correct product that will help me pull data from Excel and populate into a Powerpoint.


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  1. After creating the pivot in excel…you can use a read range activity to read the data into a datatable variable
  2. Then use add datatable to slide to add the table to the slide


Yes, u have chosen the correct product to help you automate the process of downloading reports from ServiceNow, extracting data from the reports, and populating the data into a PowerPoint presentation.

UiPath StudioX or Studio web is a no-code/low-code automation platform, so you can automate your tasks without having to write any code.

To automate the process you described, you would create a UiPath workflow that contains the following activities:

  1. Download the reports from ServiceNow. You can use the UiPath Web Browser activities to download the reports as Excel files.

  2. Extract the data from the Excel files. You can use the UiPath Excel activities to extract the data from the Excel files.

  3. Populate the data into a PowerPoint presentation. You can use the UiPath PowerPoint activities to populate the data into a PowerPoint presentation.

  4. Send the slides via email. You can use the UiPath Outlook activities to send the slides via email.

You can also use the UiPath Pivot Table activities to create pivot tables in the PowerPoint presentation.

Once you have created the UiPath workflow, you can deploy it to a UiPath robot in orchestrator and schedule the robot to run on a weekly basis.

Have a look at this document coding best practices


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From your response I think this should be possible as well. We have a KPI overview dashboard in powerBI and each section has different values. We manually enter the values into a Powerpoint table slide that has 3 columns This weeks, Avg last 4 weeks, and Difference %. I would think this would be possible as I continue learning about automation. It would be nice for it to take the value lets say calls answered this week populate and avg of last 4 weeks might be harder then run formula to populate the difference would be ideal.
We have daily charts that we download to excel that I know we can automate and from their I am guessing follow your steps to add into the slides. I will have to try it to see if I can get it to work.

Check with these as well

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I have step 1 to use the application browser activity for SNOW. Next I have use excel activity and I browsed for the file/location I downloaded the excel file from SNOW or is there a step I can have this to automatically download the excel file and week I need? Then move to the step to populat ethe data in PPT?

I am having difficulties with this training to execute the automation. I think if I knew more about coding it would be useful but my job stated no need to know code yest the training for RPA Citizen Developer Foundation appears to be over my head but I am really trying to put this into practice.
If you can help me step by step I would really appreciate it. I tried to DL report from SN but when I use Application/Browser I indicate the application to automate and highlight the application in the browser. How do I add the weeks data I want to dl from SNOW and export into excel.