Can we automate Power BI or Tableau using UiPath?

Data is store in a drive(google sheet), I need to send this data using UiPath and then generate report of those data in Power BI or Tableau. How can I do this?



Have a view on this thread this might help you(Not Sure)


Hello @Mamata_Shee

What kind of automation are you trying to achieve in powerBi or tablea?

Do you want to extract the visuals or dome other particuar requirements?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I want to upload data (that is stored in excel sheet) in Power BI using UiPath to generate report of that data.


@Mamata_Shee Yes, it is possible to automate Power BI with UiPath (Existing Activities). Are you facing any difficulties to do this

Hi @ushu
I don’t find any activity to automate Power BI or upload dataset in Power BI using UiPath.


Hello, the best way to do this is to use UiPath to move data into a certain folder and then get the PowerBi to monitor that folder for new data.

Alternatively if your PowerBI report works off sql, you can use UiPath to write directly into the sql and set the powerBI to auto fresh

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