Power BI automation - is it possible


Can we use UiPath to automate power BI application to get data and charts at the same time in this visualisation tool.

Is it necessary to use RPA or do power BI itself has its own API automation


That was a strange question @Prafull_B, We have the drop down of how to get the data, then we need to select the source and then load the data into power BI into the Data tabb. If we need any measures and columns, we need to edit query or else, if we want to visualize, we need to click on Report or for establishing the relations we need to navigate to Model .

This all things you can do if it is same everytime , but I don’t understand what you mean by get data and charts at the same time :slight_smile:

Once we select the data source, the data will be loaded to the data tab and if we want to visualize, we need to navigate to another.

Please explain what are you trying to automate in power BI?

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@HareeshMR once we have visualisation done in powerBi then we need to export the charts (pie chart and line chart) as well as data to excel.

This feature is not available in Power BI so we need to do using RPA

i hope i was clear now

hey @Prafull_B as far as I know, power BI has this function by default. check this link: https://support.helpshift.com/kb/article/power-bi-101/

but sure you can use a robot to do it manually. Anyways, if your goal is to have it in excel, you may build your bot to collect data and create it directly in excel.

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@Artur_Bueno yes i am still puzzled how to build that automation using Uipath
any help on that would be appreciated.

Yes i checked the link but no extra info about exporting visuals to excel instead power bi can only export data to csv but nothing we can do with exporting visuals/charts to excel as i learned.

That we can’t do I hope @Prafull_B. Instead we can do visualisations in excel itself directly with some hot keys and clicks. Try that. I haven’t tried it

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You can do it by using Excel activities. There are other packages that may help you, such as:

What I am trying to achieve is getting the same structured data which is built in PowerBi

These structured data I need to export in xcel in such a way that all its formatting should be same as in PowerBi

yes excel activities are there but it seems not to be optimized
so I am looking for much for quicker,reliable and efficient way.


For that you can build a dataTable and manipulate it internally