Copy Paste functionality for automation

I noticed the main website states you can use Studio X for copy paste automation. However I don’t see a template or how to start automation of data from an app- Excel into a powerpoint slide for reporting. Thanks

Generally you don’t want to use copy/paste. There are various activities for working directly with PowerPoint and Excel.

You can also search the forum for other posts about doing what you want to do.

And if you’re new to RPA/UiPath I suggest the free training on the UiPath Academy web site.


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For most of the native applicatiosn there are specific activities already which help you in reqding and writing data to those applications

For excel you have use excel file,read range to read the data

Similarly there are activities for power point to write the data to power point which will work in background and no ui automation is needed

Hope this helps


Thanks I am new to this product and my company is offering a course but needs a “use case” and the only thing I can think of is grabbing data from PowerBI dashboard or have it export the data from the dashboard to excel and populate into the Powerpoint created slide.

Most tasks are copy pasting excel data and putting manually into powerpoint slides. Or putting values into a Powerpoint slide (table) manually and one of the fields looking to figure out percentage of difference need to user percentage calculator for each line to figure out. I am trying to think of any other use case scenarios to us STudioX.

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That’s not a very good use case for RPA. A better use case would be when you get a new customer you have to put information into multiple applications, so the automation does that for you.

Hi @michaelm0377

You can try this-

  1. Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open the Excel file where your data is located.
  2. Use Excel activities like “Read Range” to read the data from Excel into a DataTable or a variable.
  3. Use the “PowerPoint Application Scope” activity to open PowerPoint.
  4. Use the “Create Presentation” activity to create a new PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Use activities like “Add Slide” to add the desired number of slides to the presentation. You can create different slides for different data sets or reports.
  6. Use the “Set to Clipboard” activity to copy the data from your DataTable or variable to the clipboard.
  7. Use activities like “Type Into” or “Send Hotkey” to paste the data from the clipboard into the desired PowerPoint slide. You may need to position the cursor in the correct location within the slide.
  8. If you have multiple data sets to report, repeat steps 6 and 7 for each slide.
  9. Use the “Save Presentation” activity to save the PowerPoint presentation to the desired location.
  10. Use the appropriate activities to close Excel and PowerPoint when the automation is complete.

While there may not be a specific template for this exact scenario, UiPath Studio X provides a wide range of activities that you can use to build custom automation workflows for tasks like copying data from Excel to PowerPoint. You can adapt the steps outlined above to meet your specific requirements and create a custom automation solution.