Unpin from taskbar (Windows 10)

I can easily record a right-click on the shortcut icon to bring up the “unpin from taskbar” menu, but UiPath does not allow capture of the options in that jump menu. Click with record is not permitted, UiPath can’t see the menu at all, the screen zoom viewer seems to think my mouse doesn’t exist when it’s there.

Is there a way to tell UiPath to just move the mouse and click regardless of what’s under the cursor, I think that would work.

Any solutions/workarounds?

Reason: I have unwanted desktop taskbar icons that are part of a standard desktop image startup program that I am unable to change. Hence looking for automation to remove them for me after startup.

Thanks in advance for any help =)

Hi @Bowser,
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You can experiment with Image Click activity or send some hot keys to navigate to that element using Send Hotkey :slight_smile:.

When i right click taskbar icons and then enter the “up”-key :arrow_up: twice followed by “enter”-key it unpins that program from the tasbar.

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Yep solution found, instead of right clicking, can do:

  1. right-click on pinned shortcut
  2. Send hotkey - up
  3. Send hotkey - enter

Thanks all =)


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