Is there anyway to unlock the screen without Orchestrator

Is there anyway to unlock the screen without Orchestrator?

Currently I am evaluating on the unattended robot, my workflow need to run on the active screen and the screen must be lock due to compliance issue.

I know how to keep sending a hotkey to prevent it from locked, but I would rather to think of a way to unlock the screen itself to execute the workflow. Is it possible? (Without Orchestrator)

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well its possible only when you are trying to connect this locked machine,name machine A with a remote connection wizard from another machine named machine B
and you can run the bot from machine B from the studio itself and can run the process in machine A (which is locked)

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Do you mean that like the link as below?

So, can I capture the selector/element information?

Yes of course you can get the elements in RDP Session…and we also have a special feature called computer vision activities to Access the elements even from citrix…it helps us identify the elements even from a image projected rdp session
For more info on this activity

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If I am unable to use the traditional RDP to connect to the machine A, can I put my workflow in Windows Scheduled Task and let it execute at defined schedule to unlock my screen locally?

Buddy we dont need to unlock the screen we can make it run even when the screen is locked and that is what is all about unattended robot right…
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I see, what if my workflow like this:

  1. Unlock the screen at 12:00
  2. Perform OCR on website, and do something…
  3. Lock the screen when done

If you said unattended robot can do it under the screen is locked, then the flow should be run in background? So how can it perform a foreground task? (likes OCR)

while automating the process in a RDP, make sure you connect to that server and include that process along your workflow that ensures that the RDP gets connected and bot can perform processe in it…
And i would like to mention that OCR activities need foreground application or elements but that doesn’t mean that the screen must be open or unlocked to access them, only the application or webpage element must be made visible
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Hi @Palaniyappan ,

I have created a work flow, which reads the credentials from a file and opens the browser and logs into the citrix. In the virtual machine it opens an application and scrapes the data from it and mails the data to me. And closes all the windows.

The problem here is the robot works fine when my computer screen is not locked, but the robot fails in step 1 itself when the computer is locked. I need to schedule this task to run everyday with the screen locked. im currently using the community edition 2019.9.2 and robot type is unattended.

Is it possible to unlock the screen with robot?