Implement text exist in locked screen


I have a windows application running in background while the screen is locked. I want to perform text exist to process something if it is true. How can we achieve this. Please note that the screen of the computer will be locked.

You may have to force an unlock to perform text recognition, otherwise you can only perform tasks which use ‘send windows messages’ or ‘simulate’ options

How can we do force unlock.

“When the Windows session gets locked, TaskLauncher will automatically unlock the session to ensure that your workflow continues executing without errors”

I do not have this path for UiLancher
%ProgramFiles%/UiPath Studio/v7/UiPath.

It seems it was phased out after v7.

A workaround would be to use the click activity to ensure the screen does not lock during long inactivity. It could just click on the browser header for example after 10 mins of inactivity.

The best practice solution would be to use Orchestrator to run your process in this case, assuming you have the required licenses

The issue is that the BOT is running on the server and the server will always be locked. All the functionalities will be performed in locked screen.

Also how will using Orchestrator solve this.

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Using Orchestrator gets over the issue of the locked screen with an unattended license

Even if the screen is locked by default?

Yes. It should automatically unlock the screen if it is an unattended bot. As long as there are no long wait times that locks the screen again it should work.

Isn’t it possible without Orchestrator? We only have an unattended bot.

Also can you please tell how is it possible using Orchestrator.

Unattended robots cannot be started without Orchestrator.

You could do it previously with Windows Task Scheduler, however, I believe that is no longer possible, maybe worth checking that assumption however.

Do you mean to say there is no use purchasing an unattended bot without Orchestrator.

Can you please share the link where I can study more about attanded and unattended bot. How to deploy them and start them.

Yes, your options are limited without Orchestrator. You can use an unattended license like an attended one, but you still need to start it manually in that case.