How to unlock Windows lockscreen



I have a virtual machine in the production environment which has a security policy that forces it to log off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Since the Orchestrator is not always starting a process on that machine, it is always locked when is supposed to start the process. How can I unlock it at the beginning of the process?

Thank you.


You can change windows lock te out policy or schedule a job for orchastrator in windows schedular



why do you unlock it. Uipath will work during the lock mode also.


You can open your computer and press CTRL + ALT + Delete together to switch to other account , then select the administrator account or other accounts, and press enter to enter your computer , if you can not unlock Windows with this way , i can’t help it
You can get a solution from here :



How do you start the Process?

If you are starting through the Orchestrator, then it will be unlocked automatically.