Uninstall/Install citrix extension


How to check whether the Citrix extension is installed/uninstalled in my machine.
I have been facing multiple issues.

  1. When i try to automate a citrix application, there is a new popup that appears which was not showing up earlier

Cannot automate remote app: UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe is not running in the remote session.

I installed UipathRemoteRuntime.msi . However i’m still facing the same issue. referred to multiple topics in this forum. But could not uninstall. And not sure if it is installed properly.

Hi @SudhakarAs92,
You need to install Citrix extension (see here):

and on remote machine you need to install runtime (see here):

Thanks for the response @Pablito !

i had tried both these options and restarted everything before posting my query here. Is there any other work around to tackle this?

Alternatively i tried using Computer vision. How ever i ended up posting a query for that as well as it could not reach the servers.

You can also try this:

This will allows you to work with RDP connected machine and should allows you to catch selectors inside RDP session opened on machine where you have Studio installed.

Hi @SudhakarAs92

To uninstall citrix plugin, please run this from the commandline:
SetupExtensions.exe /citrixclient /uninstall

You can find the file here:

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Hi @loginerror

Please let me know how I can uninstall Windows Remote desktop plugin from UiPath.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @ShruthiSreedhar

You can use similar command as the one I posted above, just this one: