"uninitialized UI node" Have you seen it?



“uninitialized UI node” Have you seen it ?


I just saw this error for the first time. Did you find a solution?


Here is a simple project that exhibits the issue.sample.zip (5.3 KB)


I feel a little silly, but for the benefit of future readers, the problem appears to be with null objects. In the specific example I uploaded, there is a local variable hiding the workflow input argument (both are called appBrowser), but since the locally scoped appBrowser was never initialized, it’s null, and my “Navigate to” action throws the “uninitialized UI node” error. There are many ways to create the problem, such as implicit type casting that fails, variable hiding, and the list goes on. I hope someone finds this helpful in the future.


Yeah, thank your for your advise. In my case I was trying to make a click into a context without being initializated, more especific, I was trying to attach a browser into a new secuence, but when I invoke the sequence I did not put the value, so the click didnt work. Good look.


I am encountering same problem,Can tell me how to fix it?