Unexpected error in Digitize Document activity


I am currently facing an issue with the Digitize Document activity in a process. When I am processing forms with the Abbyy OCR Engine, I get an unexpected error message come up (see notepad at bottom of this post), but other OCR Engines will not produce this issue (Microsoft OCR, OmniPage OCR).

I want to use Abbyy OCR as all of the other OCRs are not producing any data in the Validation Station. My Abbyy is licensed.

Does anybody have any suggetsions on what I can do? Or knows how to prevent this issue when using Abbyy OCR?

Error_Message_Abbyy_OCR.txt (6.8 KB)


I’m seeing others have had that same error: Search results for 'abbyyerror' - UiPath Community Forum
However, I didn’t find a clear solution.

It sounds like you need the Abbyy FineReader installed possibly, and trial versions could cause issue maybe. Feel free to check those search results further for possible solution.


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Hi @ClaytonM,

I put this post out as I couldn’t find any clear solutions. I have double checked my installation guide that UiPath Support sent me and I followed it correctly. It does mention FlexiLayout, but not FineReader. I will get in contact with them and ask for assistance, I should then get a straightforward answer.

I have put a post out on the Abbyy Forums:

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Hey @ClaytonM,

I think you’re right about the FineReader being needed for FlexiCapture. I’m currently looking for someone to contact about it and seeing what can be done. Thanks for your time.

I won’t mark a solution until I know exactly what the issue is, but I suspect it’s to do with FineReader

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